Journal of the Japan Welding Society
Vol.68 No.8 December.1999 Contents

Angle 3 Welding Engineering, and Eugineering Education to ward Autonomy and Creativity Wataru SHIMADA
Engineering Data Sheet 5
Serial Lecture Paper 6 Lessons to Learn from Examples of Damages to Welded Structures (Q) Hiroshi YAJIMA
Lecture for Practical Engineer
@Mapping Techniques of Element
11 Distribution in Material Microstructure Masaaki SUGIYAMA
16 Automated EBSP Analysis and Crystal Orientation Mapping Yutaka S. SATO
Hiroyuki KOKAWA
Technical Information -Special Issue- 21 The-State -of-the-Art of Welding Techndogy in Vessel and Pipe Technical Commission on Welding Processes, JWS
28 Welding of Low Temperature Strage Tanks for LNG Tomomi GOTO
33 Current Trend of Welding Technology in Fabrication and Maintenance of Pressure Vessel Hiroshi WATANABE
Mitsuaki HANEDA
37 The Latest Welding Technique for Boiler Munnfacturing Kazuhiko KAMO
41 Current Trends of Arc Welding in Plant Piping Satoru ASAI
Introduction 47 Welding and Cutting in a Sustainable World Bertil PEKKARI
Tetsuo SUGA (TRAS.)
Review and Trend 57 Thermal Spraying Masahiro FUKUMOTO
WELNET for Young Members 74
Calendar of Event 75
Society Announcements 76
General Index 77 Journal ot the JWS and Quarterly Journal of the JWS,1999
Manuscript Guide for Journal of the Japan Welding Society 83
Manugcript Guide of The Japan Welding Society 90